Your business is thriving but you still can’t take a vacation without something falling thru the cracks!

You know you need to hire a VA but don’t because you don’t have a streamlined workflow developed.

All those courses you have invested in have your heading spinning and you have no idea where to start to implementing those strategies!

You can be the “CEO” of your business and I can help you get there!!

Hello! I’m Michelle Hughes.

I am a result-based Online Business and Operations Manager with specialized experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

As a systems strategist, I specialize in building customized workflows, developing funnels and managing the details of your launch strategy. I have the skills and experience to set up your business systems so that you can focus on what matters most in your business.

I dedicate my time toward getting to know you and your business so that I can learn how your business operates, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current operations, and come up with an individualized strategy to help your operations progress smoothly. 


Professional Skills

Network Engineering Background ▪ Creating Systems and Processes ▪ Trello Wiz ▪ Experience Using Learning Management Software ▪ Creating Audit Screenflows ▪ Project Management Timeline Creation ▪ Community Engagement and Management ▪ Core Offer Development ▪ Free Offer Development ▪ Launch Outline and Preparation ▪ Discovery Processes for Onboarding ▪ Resource Development ▪ Masterclass and E-course Development ▪ Lead Generation and Funnel Creation ▪ WordPress and Squarespace Support ▪ Migrating Websites and Hosting ▪ Social Media Graphic Creation

What drives my business?

The men in my life

I have the privilege of being a military veteran as well as a military spouse. Being a mom to two boys has helped me establish a love for ninja fighting and always keeps me on my toes!! I have a degree in nutrition (health foodie) and a lover of literature!

Since I’ve experienced many military moves, I’ve learned to blossom wherever I am planted. This means I’m highly adaptable to changing situations and environments.

I'm known as the "encourager" around my neck of the woods and enjoy seeing others shine in their gifts.



Loyalty and Confidentiality are Important to Me ▪ I’m Extremely Driven and Passionate ▪ You Can Rely on Me for Dependability ▪ Learning and Growing is Valued and Continual ▪ My Caring Nature Leads to Personal Connections ▪ Meticulous Attention to Detail and Organization are Strengths